100K update

…I had kind of mentioned this to friends and in passing, but hadn’t posted about it yet because there was still some up-in-the-airness going on. Anyway tho’, the official release date for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is now February 2010. February 25, specifically, at least according to Amazon. (Quiet squee at the fact that MY BOOK IS ON AMAZON!!! …kinda. It’s not searchable on the US Amazon; I found it because it’s searchable on the UK Amazon and the US one is linked to that. Or something. Anyway, you might wanna bookmark that sucker; it’s slippery.)

As for why it got pushed back from Fall 2009, the date I’ve been shrieking at the top of my lungs since the book sold… well, here’s where my n00b ignorance of the book industry shows; see, it was never actually definite for Fall 2009. That was a tentative date. My bad. ::sheepish look:: So — rumor control — nothing shady’s going on, nobody’s dropping all their debut authors, no there’s been no prima donna-ing on my part (good grief, I’m a new author; you think I’m a moron?), all revisions and copyedits were turned in on time, everything’s fine. This is just how things go sometimes. And heck — just gives me more time to plan my launch celebration. =)

…Definitely a tattoo.

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