100K available for preorder!

OK, so the author name is wrong and there’s no cover image and for some reason Amazon seems to have pre-tagged it as “Chinese fantasy” (O.o)… but I imagine all these things are fixable. Anyway, if you reeeeeeeally really really want to make sure you get your hands on a copy, and you’re terrified that it’ll sell out or the world economy will collapse or the price of paper will surge or nanotech will turn us all into gray goo sometime within the next 9 months… you can now preorder The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms on Amazon!. And it’s actually coming up in the search results now, bigger yay!

5 thoughts on “100K available for preorder!”

  1. Woo! Hopefully you can send them the cover image, and then they can get it posted. Or have the publisher send it to them, more likely, I suppose. And interesting, I hadn’t realized it was coming out as an oversized paperback rather than the standard. Not as handy to carry around, but I can live with that. I expect to be back home by then, so less need to tuck it into my pocket as I go back and forth places.

  2. My publisher got back to me this morning; they’ll fix it. Should be normal in a week or so. =)

    And yeah, it’s a trade PB. I’m actually glad; I know the regular PBs are convenient for readers*, but it’s hard to stand out on a bookshelf in the regular PB size. But I’m a newbie author, so I didn’t want to be hardcover either — who the hell’d be willing to shell out $20+ for somebody they never heard of? (I wouldn’t.) So this is a nice compromise.

    *Personally I like the trade size best, because I do a lot of reading on the subway and at the gym, on machines; I’m really hard on my books. And the regular PBs are less durable; the spines break too easily. Trades are a little more flexy.

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