Altered Fluid on Hour of the Wolf

Once again, the Altered Fluid writing group will be on WBAI’s radio program Hour of the Wolf tomorrow morning, bright and early at 5 a.m. If you happen to be awake then, and thinking, “Gosh, I wonder how a good writing group works,” then tune in to hear Paul Berger read from his just-now-draft version of “Damp Spam”. It’s a hilarious tale of quantum physics and dinosaurs, which we will cheerfully critique on live radio. Those of you who are off at Arisia this weekend, which I am unfortunately not attending — if you happen to be awake after some room party, be sure to tune in; you’ll love it! 99.5 on the FM dial.

If you can’t stay awake (or wake up), never fear; you can download and listen to the show later, once it’s posted on the website.

My contribution will likely be limited to a semicoherent critique and a desperate plea for more coffee. But while we’re on the subject, I should mention that I will be the sole guest on Hour of the Wolf in March, on the 13th, talking about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and other stuff.

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