Gobbling and gabbling

Am in the midst of making rosemary-garlic paste for a decidedly nontraditional Thanksgiving meal: me and friends who are pulling a Palin and “going rogue” from our families for the day. Potluck, but since I’m the host I’m handling the biggies: turkey and a standing rib roast, dressing, and have bought a red velvet cake from the best place in Brooklyn (warning for autoloading music). Should be relaxed and fun. To my fellow USians, hope your TG is equally nice.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, there’s an event I’ll be participating in that I should’ve mentioned here before now (snuck up on me, sorry): I’m going to be in a panel discussion at the Center for Fiction on The Evolution of Science Fiction and Fantasy, in collaboration with Words Without Borders. The panelists include Michael Kandel, Musharraf Ali Farooqi, and li’l ol’ me. Among other things we’ll be talking about how SF/F has already extended, and will continue to extend, beyond its perceived “traditional” boundaries — namely, old US white guys. There may be time for a brief reading; we’ll see. If you’re free on Tuesday, December 1 in New York, drop on in. =)

Also, just a warning: will be making some significant changes to the website in the next few weeks, as we begin the runup to 100K’s release. You may have already noticed that I’ve gotten rid of some of this site’s more extraneous pages, like the stuff about my SLF grant trip; all necessary streamlining. Among other things, I’ll be posting the first three sample chapters of 100K shortly — one per month until Launch Day! Stay tuned!

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