My Worldcon Schedule

OK, so going to Worldcon again for the first time since Boston of a few years ago. I’m really looking forward to it, not the least because it’ll be in Montreal!!!!!1! I must have poutine! And beaver tails, despite their kinky name!

…Anyway, in between bouts of raising my cholesterol, I’ll be doing this:

When: Sat 11:00
Title: Author Reading
All Participants: Gregory A. Wilson, Nora K. Jemisin, P. C. Hodgell

When: Sat 17:00
Title: Nora K. Jemisin Signing

When: Sun 11:00
Title: Michael Jackson‚s THRILLER: SF Culture Landmark
All Participants: Nora K. Jemisin, Stephen H. Segal, John Scalzi
Moderator: Stephen H. Segal
Description: In 1983, Michael Jackson’s THRILLER video gave us
lycanthropic romance, zombie dancers, and state-of-the-art special
effects — not to mention Vincent Price reciting graveyard poetry. How
did this watershed television moment set the stage for the next 25
years worth of SF/pop music/pop culture crossovers, from Jackson’s own
subsequent oeuvre through Rob Zombie and beyond?

When: Sun 17:00
Title: Avatar Fan Club for Kids
All Participants: Cynthia Huckle, Madeline Ashby, Nora K. Jemisin,
Sharon Lee
Moderator: Cynthia Huckle
Description: This American-made anime from Nickelodeon was a big hit.
Why? What’s in store for the future? And what kind of bender would you
like to be?

I asked to be taken off the signing after the preliminary scheduling, since I uh have nothing to sign, but there it still is. I guess I’ll just go hang out and fangirl at people with Actual Books, like I did at World Fantasy last year. (Carol Berg!! Marjorie Liu!! Kay Kenyon!!) I guess if people want to meet me, that’ll be a good place to do it.

Looking forward to the reading, but as with the Diaspora of the Fantastic reading (which went smashingly, sorry for not reporting back here), I still haven’t decided what to read. It’ll be from 100K, but I don’t know if I want to read the beginning again after doing that at Wiscon. I think I will quickly get very tired of reading from the beginning of this book if I keep doing it. There’s a section near the middle of the book that I’m thinking about, if I can manage to explain things succinctly before I read it. Gotta practice it and the timing.

Very much looking forward to the Thriller panel, although I fully expect to be overshadowed by the bigger-name, better-at-talking people on it. Kinda glad there’s no longer a rock star slated to be on it, though I had no idea who she was anyway. (She seems like an interesting person to get to know, though…)

So see some of you there!

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