What I’ve been doing lately

1. Writing! Have passed the 50K mark on BrightGod (halfway done!) and also penned a 7K-word short story. The short story’s current title (subject to change, ’cause that’s what I do) is “Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Beside the Still Waters”, and it’s inspired by a documentary I recently saw: Trouble the Water, about Hurricane Katrina’s effect on New Orleans — during the storm and years after — through the eyes of its poorest residents. Some of ya’ll know I went to college in New Orleans, so this is something I care about a lot.

2. Apartment hunting! (But I decided to postpone ’til later.)

3. Article writing! Today on Fantasy you can find my review of Persona 3, which uh lets you know what else I’ve been doing in my spare time.

4. Reading! Currently on the pile are The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008, Sly Mongoose (Tobias Buckell), and a nonfic pick, Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor, by Sudhir Venkatesh. This is the guy who went among the drug dealers of Chicago in Freakonomics and figured out why they all live at home with their parents, despite the supposed glamour of the lifestyle. I’m looking forward to this one.

5. Getting healthy! Have lost 5 pounds without dieting, solely by working my ass off (literally) at the gym. It’s fun, too. Hooray for Stephen’s Cardio Sculpt class!

That’s it!

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