The Inheritance Trilogy Non-Wiki

While I was working on the Inheritance Trilogy, I kept a personal wiki full of notes on characters, locations, and other details of the world of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I had a vague notion of later making this wiki public so that fan-creators and others would have a ready resource to consult and continue if they wanted… but I don’t think I realized back then just how difficult it is to set up a public wiki. I could post this stuff free on an ad-supported wiki site, or for a small fee I could create a semi-private wiki with a limited number of people given creation/editing privileges, or if I weren’t already leery of large companies’ increasing encroachment on individuals’ privacy and intellectual property I could create a Google Site. Since none of those solutions really appeals to me, and because I don’t know enough about coding and don’t have my own server so as to create something myself, blah blah blah long story short… I’ve decided on a kind of compromise. I’ll post the contents of those wiki pages here, in static format sans markup (other than the links to each page and sub-page). You can read it here or post it elsewhere to wikify if you want; let’s consider these Non-Wiki pages to be Creative Commons Sharealike (also Non-Commercial, Attribution). Note the non-commercial: please don’t put it in an ad-supported wiki. I’m not interested in my work helping to sell male performance enhancement supplements or whatever.

Also, a disclaimer of sorts: some of this stuff was written before the actual books were finished, so there may be discrepancies! Also, due to deadline pressure, I stopped working on this partway through The Broken Kingdoms — that’s why there’s not much about the characters or concepts introduced in The Kingdom of Gods.

And it goes without saying, but THERE ARE SPOILERS EVERYWHERE IN THIS STUFF.

The Broken Earth Book Two:

The Obelisk Gate

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