For those of you who’ve seen the January 2011 print issue of Locus, this will not be news. But for the rest of you —

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms made the bestseller list! Specifically in ninth place, and specifically on the “paperbacks” (mass market) subset of the list, based on data from October 2010.

Details, details. MY BOOK IS A BESTSELLER, YA’LL. Dance with me!

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  1. Congratulations! I’m a fan you made through your guest blogging at Alas, A Blog. I never thought that following trackbacks in blog posts about Nice Guys and such would lead me to discover such satisfying fiction, but it did. I just finished reading The Broken Kingdoms, and … I dunno. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for all those words.

  2. By gods, there will be dancing!

  3. I really want to say something profound here, but all that comes out is WWWWOOOOHHHHOOOOOO a book I actually LIKED got on the Bestseller List! Take that!

  4. That’s excellent! :) I just finished it today, coincidentally, and enjoyed it very much.


  5. Wonderful! It’s great to see really good books clicking with the public.


    So thrilled for you, Nora. Not at all surprised, but totally thrilled. :D

  7. Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome!! :-D

  8. Congratulations!
    I’m glad you’re doing so well.

  9. Congratulations! I recently read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms as an ebook (checked out of the library). I will be buying The Broken Kingdoms tomorrow. The only downside to reading your work was realizing how much additional editing I need to do on my own novel. Ok, I knew that already. :)