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Tuesday No-Blues Day

Got three bits of good news this morning, but I can only share two of them with you for now. (Just gives you more to anticipate this week!) First, The Broken Kingdoms got another starred review from Publishers Weekly! Some excerpts of the review: New authors often falter when following up on a noteworthy debut, […]

It’s September 1. Do you know where your sample chapters are?

Why, right here — that is, if you’re looking for chapter 1 of The Broken Kingdoms. There is now a page devoted to book 2 live in the overhead navbar, too. As I mentioned awhile back, I’ll be posting the first three chapters of book 2 over the course of the next three months, leading […]

Kindasorta Countdown

Just a reminder for all — in September, specifically September 28 according to Amazon, the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will go on sale. This is great, because it’s about a month before The Broken Kingdoms starts showing up in stores, so people who buy the mass market will be able to […]


So, got a little pressie in the inbox from my editor today, and I’m sharing it with you. Click to biggify: Ain’t I nice for sharing? And, BTW, you can preorder it now at Amazon, B&N, and Borders!

German News

Couple of announcements. First, for those readers who live in Germany, the German version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms — Die Erbin Der Welt — is available now from Blanvalet! To that end, the publisher has generously offered to do a giveaway of 5 copies via Darkstar Fantasy News, a German review/fan site. These folks […]

Atheism in a world of gods

I mentioned in passing awhile back that I’ve been contemplating atheism in the context of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Book 3 currently contains a minor character who describes himself as atheist. When he meets Sieh — a god — the following exchange occurs (cutting for length and worldbuilding spoilers for the second and third books):

Book Covers Explained

Apologies for the relative silence, ya’ll. Been seriously motoring on book 3, which is threatening to become a doorstopper. ::ulp:: I’m planning to chop it ruthlessly when I get into the editing phase because I just don’t believe a fantasy novel should be heavy enough to punch a hole in the fabric of existence, but […]