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Romantic Times Interview

This actually came out earlier this month, but I wanted to get permission from the folks at Romantic Times before I posted it, which I have now done. In the March 2010 issue, there’s a fantastic interview with me and another author, Lauren Oliver, about how living in Brooklyn is Teh Kewl. (Romantic Times itself […]

Preserving for posterity…

Actual list here, but note that it changes hourly.

Blog Tour: Amazonia (by way of Tallahassee)

Another interview up today — this one by author Jeff VanderMeer (who is the one located in Tallahassee), and posted on the Amazon book blog Omnivoracious. Jeff’s got some nice things to say about the book before we settle into the interview proper: What most impressed me about the novel is Jemisin’s ability to show […]

Godhood for sale (for a good cause)

A friend involved with the Virginia Avenue Project let me know about an auction that they’re doing to try and raise $15,000 before mid-March. The VAP is an afterschool arts program of the sort that all kids should have, but which these days is usually offered only to kids in school districts that can afford […]

Do we have BOOK SIGN? And contest!

Got the first report today from someone in the UK that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been spotted on a Waterstones bookshelf!! I’m kind of shocked, because I thought the thing wasn’t even supposed to ship until Wednesday, but hey, who knew. Apparently only J. K. Rowling’s books get held off the shelves ’til the […]

Sexing Up Gods

So, got another review over the weekend, this one from friend and fellow author Gord Sellar. Gord is an English professor, so as you might imagine his review was very thorough and deconstructiony and contained many 12-cent words, which I kinda loved. He warns of spoilers at the outset, and he’s not kidding, so be […]

Sample Chapter 3 posted!

A bit early, because I realized just recently that the release date for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is actually February 3rd. What that means is that even though it’s not officially out until its pub date of February 25th, many retailers will actually start to shelve it anytime between those two dates. So posting chapter […]

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

Title quote from the first Matrix film; Morpheus. So, noticed that the German version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is now available, when it showed up on Goodreads under “other editions” recently. That was my first time seeing it. For those of you who aren’t Goodreads members (why aren’t you?), here’s what it looks like: […]

Warriors who don’t make war

OK. Calm now. Going to be slightly more coherent than in my last post. The reviews of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms have thus far been mostly positive, which is phenomenal. (See last post for my typical reaction.) But I’m kind of glad for the occasional notes of critique that have cropped up amid all the […]

io9!!! io9!!! io9!!!

Submitted without comment beyond HOLY FUCKING SHIT: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, out Feb. 25, is an impressive debut, which revitalizes the trope of empires whose rulers have gods at their fingertips. It feels suitably big, and yet incredibly intimate as well. And we can’t wait to read the other two volumes of the Inheritance Trilogy.