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Missing Voices

What should science fiction sound like? Or fantasy. A short story of mine, “Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Beneath the Still Waters”, was published in the UK anthology Postscripts a few months back. I’ve sold the audio rights to Podcastle, which is going to run the story sometime soon — and I’m […]

Is there a Rule of Three in SFF?

Somebody in my Twitter feed linked this today, which I’d never seen before. Some insightful commentary from the late Dwayne McDuffie, a kickass comic book writer and trailblazer within that genre, talking about the Rule of Three. No, not this one; something else: Which got me thinking, of course. I’ve said before that most of […]

And now a word from our sponsor

Said sponsor being me, that is. I own this site, pay all costs, and derive most of the benefit from the labor that generates its content, though it would be pretty silly of me to invoice myself. That said, I could invoice myself, if I wanted to, because the work that I do writing posts […]

Even if I tell you, you won’t know.

That raspy, too-sweet voice. Lil was in my home, making me breakfast, after eating some Orderkeepers that Shiny had murdered. “What in the Maelstrom are you doing here?” I demanded. “And show yourself, damn it. Don’t hide from me in my own home.” She sounded amused. “I didn’t think you liked my looks.” “I don’t, […]

Walkin in a winter WTF

Local, writing-irrelevant griping here; all who are disinterested in the mundanities of my daily life please move along. You may have heard that the northeast US got smacked with a massive snowstorm a couple of days ago. It’s the northeast; it happens. But this particular Snowpocalypse has been exacerbated by the worst snow-emergency response I’ve […]

Election Catchup

Seeing as I was jetlagged and sleep deprived last week on Election Day — though I made it to the polls anyhow — I was in no mental condition to post any sort of postgame analysis then, nor for a few days afterward (especially given that it was Launch Week). Now that I’ve had time […]

China MiƩville is not your Facebook friend. Owl Goingback might like to be.

ETA: China reports the ersatz Chinas (Chinae?) have been removed. Behold the power of geekdom! And no need to spread further, now. Trimming this down, accordingly. Post title borrowed from Marie Brennan, from whom I heard about this. Basically, author China MiĆ©ville is having some issues with Facebook. I’ll let him sum up, in a […]

The “harm” of political correctness: a rant

This has nothing to do with writing, though it is partly inspired by some stuff I’ve seen in the SF/F blogosphere lately. Sorry in advance for that. Heard today about the decline of the Tribune company, which once managed some of the most respected newspapers in the United States. There are probably a lot of […]

It’s Not the Same Story

My staycation continues. It’s amazing that I can suddenly watch so much TV. I don’t watch much under ordinary circumstances, and when I’m in deadline mode I only turn the thing on to play video games for stress relief. Thus I’m usually horribly behind on just about any show that’s “hot”. I’m just now about […]

Don’t Put My Book in the African American Section.

Very few things could lure me out of the fugue-state of finishing a novel, but a note that I received yesterday from a reader sent me into full-on rant mode: I just finished reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was confused, though, to see that my library had chosen […]