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3…2…1… Lift off!!

Am off to Launch Pad, the phenomenal NASA-sponsored astronomy workshop in Laramie, Wyoming. Will be hanging out for a week with phenomenal people, seeing phenomenal stuff in the sky. Phenomenal!! I’ve never been to that part of the country, either, so it should be interesting to see a real “old West” (if that counts as […]

New post at the Magic District…

…on How Much Fantasy is Too Much/Not Enough? In which I get meta-val on Alaya Dawn Johnson’s “Shard of Glass”. And in RevisionQuest 2009, have rewritten another chapter of Book 2, bringing me up to chapter 6 of 21. Go go go!

My voice acting debut; first person angst at the Magic District

Busy little bee, me: Over at PodCastle, I’m reading Alaya Dawn Johnson’s “Shard of Glass”. I had a cold while I was reading most of it, and kept having to pause/edit the recording to cough, so I hope it sounds OK. -_- Also, posted something over at the Magic District on first person. Why do […]

Sybil’s Garage #6 is out!

A reminder to all who enjoy good, brain-twisting fiction: Sybil’s Garage, produced by Senses Five Press, run by Matthew Kressel of the (my) Altered Fluid Writing group, has just produced its phenomenal sixth issue. I had the honor of being a slush reader for this, so I feel a bit of proprietary pride here. I […]

Networking Confessions at The Magic District

In which I reveal my greatest fear!

Thoughts while watching the BSG premiere

Liveblogging! (Actually, just repeatedly editing this post and adding stuff as it hits me. But it’s kinda like liveblogging.) Whoops. Cutting for spoilers, for those who haven’t seen it —

And just in time for New Year’s…

I’ve just finished the 0th draft of Book 2. WOO HOOOOOO!!! ::thunk::

Of course you know, this means WRITING.

Due to the apartment move, social life, teaching, etc., I’ve missed my initial goal of finishing BrightGod by Thanksgiving. And I recently decided to remove another 10,000 words from the novel that, for various reasons, just weren’t right. Replacing them is proceeding apace, and I’m making good progress — but the overall result of this […]

Important recommendations!!

Sorry for the silence lately. Moved into a new apartment on Monday, and my life has only just begun settling back into sanity. Hopefully my new writing study will be configged by tomorrow, at which point I can finally resume work on BrightGod, which has been on hold for about a week. I’m itching to […]

WFC pics, thoughts

I brought a camera with me to WFC, and of course completely forgot to use it 95% of the time. So the best photos I have from the con were actually taken by other people. The first is from Doselle Young, whom I met on Saturday night, along with his wife Janine. We were discussing […]