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Book Tour!

We have tour sign, folks! Some details of this still need to be worked out, note, especially amid the April dates. But we’ve got some big cities covered, some smaller towns, and every single borough of New York (which, for non-New Yorkers, is not a thing often done). Updates as I hear about them, for […]

Now THAT was a trip.

Back from Hawaii. Exhausted, as one is wont to be after any 12-hour flight and jetlag, but it doesn’t help that I spent the whole trip doing stuff like this: That was day 1 of the trip: a 4-mile hike around and across Kilauea Iki, which is basically the remains of a lava lake that […]

Facebooking Hawai’i

No time/energy to post in multiple places, so for the next few days I’ll be mostly on Facebook, where I’m liveblogging (livestatusing?) my research trip to the Big Island of Hawai’i. You can see photos from today’s hike across Kilauea. Tomorrow’s menu includes a helicopter tour of the active lava flows, and hopefully a visit […]

And then it hits me.

This is where I’m going: Off to Hawaii to research the coolest stuff ever. Back in a few days.