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The Harlequin Horizons Thing

As you know Bob(s), I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). This is because a) there’s romantic content in many of my books, so there’s an obvious crossover of interests; b) I read and enjoy romance on occasion; and c) RWA is simply a kickass organization — quite possibly the most efficient […]

Everybody’s Doin’ It: NebDo!

(Ugh. OK, yeah, that was bad. I blame the lack of coffee.) In the category of “All my friends are shilling their Nebula-eligible shorts so I’ll do it too!” for a thousand, Alex: I had two short stories and two reprints published during the eligible period. The reprints aren’t eligible, and of the two, there’s […]

Another $%^ing one, what are they, breeding?

I posted last week in solidarity with the Outer Alliance, a spanking-new group of GLBTQI writers and straight/cisgendered allies. Lo and behold, within a week of its formation the OA has encountered its first incidence of homophobic discrimination. More on this there. It’s hard, sometimes, being a writer with a conscience. I mean, how much […]

Strange Horizons Saved Me a Bunch of Money on Car Insurance and Cured My Astigmatism!

Okay, no, it didn’t. I don’t even have a car. I just wanted to get your attention. It might seem odd that in the wake of the Clarkesworld sale, I’m talking about Strange Horizons. Both magazines need donations, actually. But SH is nearer and dearer to my heart in many ways, because a) my first […]

On Book Covers and Race

I’ve been following and participating in the “Ain’t That A Shame” post over at Justine Larbalestier’s blog, in which she takes the risky (for an author) step of calling her publisher on its decision to post a white face on the cover of her forthcoming novel Liar. Whitewashing — the fannish term for when fictional […]

Org Shuffle

Have decided to let my membership to the Authors’ Guild lapse, after it ends this year. I joined them hoping for two things: a) inexpensive health insurance, and b) in-person networking opportunities. I ended up going with the Freelancers’ Union instead for a, because theirs was cheaper and more comprehensive, and never saw any sign […]

Verb Noire’s First Book!

Hi folks. Those of you who followed RaceFail 2009 may also be aware of one of its many positive results: Verb Noire, a new small press started up for the purpose of showcasing authors and characters of color in science fiction and fantasy. Well, I’m happy to report that their first novel, The River’s Daughter, […]


I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, bouncing in virtual little-girl excitement, struggling to hold it all in. But now at last, at last I can share the joy!! Like it? Then bop over to the Orbit blog to tell Art Director Lauren Panepinto that she is the shit. Except don’t use […]

100K update

…I had kind of mentioned this to friends and in passing, but hadn’t posted about it yet because there was still some up-in-the-airness going on. Anyway tho’, the official release date for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is now February 2010. February 25, specifically, at least according to Amazon. (Quiet squee at the fact that MY […]

Mon livre sera disponible en français!

Ooo-wee!! French rights to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms have just sold to Calmann-Levy! Laissez le bon temps roulet! (…Suddenly I’m craving a po-boy and some beignets. Ah, I do know what it means to miss New Orleans…)