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Nebula Nomming, Library Journaling

Busy today, so only a brief update! First, it’s Nebula time (again). Seeing as I actually made it to the final ballot last year, I figure I might as well try again this year, and let folks know what my recent stories are. I’ve had four stories published/soon to be published this year — an […]

Also! A new short story at CLARKESWORLD

Totally forgot this was going up this month; I blame the jetlag. Anyhow, at Clarkesworld this month I have a new short story up: “On the Banks of the River Lex.” It’s in podcast format too, read by the inimitable Kate Baker. A sample: Death liked to walk across bridges. For this reason he had […]

A little N’Awlins in the UK

Whoa, just realized this is out — Postscripts 22/23 from PS Publishing! The Postscripts anthologies are put out twice a year, and feature big-name authors writing some really cutting-edge stuff. And now one of them features little ol’ me, and my story “Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Beneath the Still Waters,” set […]

Steam-Powered is GO!

And in short-story news, that mysterious lesbian steampunk anthology I mentioned awhile back? It’s almost here. Editor JoSelle Vanderhooft just announced the table of contents for Steam-Powered, a print anthology soon to be out from Torquere Press. The ToC includes my own story “The Effluent Engine”, which I released as a freebie earlier this year […]

Short Story News

I’m working on one! News at 11. I sold one! “The Trojan Girl” has sold to Weird Tales, a very classy print market I’ve been trying to break into forever. This was a story I wrote a while back, trying out the concepts I’m thinking about using for the YA cyberpunk story. Specifically it concerns […]

It’s official…

I don’t like to announce deals until they’re set in stone — i.e., I’ve signed the contract or otherwise have everything in writing. So I’ve actually been sitting on this news for over a month, because that’s how long contracts take in the publishing world (usually longer, especially internationally). But anyway — Polish rights for […]

The Million Voting Readers

(Hmm. Was going for the same rhythm as “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”, but I think the post title needs more syllables for that.) I didn’t win a Nebula, but good things are still happening re my short stories. This time it’s the Million Writers Award, for which my story “Non-Zero Probabilities” is now one of […]

I go you go HUGO (nom)! Also, reading.

More good news: “Non-Zero Probabilities”, my Clarkesworld story that’s already on the Final Ballot for the Nebula award, has also been nommed for the Hugo! There are no words to describe how stunned and thrilled I am by this. (Well, “stunned and thrilled” come close.) Seriously, ya’ll, this has been a banner year and it’s […]

Mind Meld, Flights of Fantasy

A bit tired today; drove up to Albany yesterday to do a reading at the Flights of Fantasy bookstore. It went well, though there were several amusing moments — my cellphone going off in the middle of the reading was not one of them — like one of the store cats deciding to leap onto […]

Nebula Ballot!

::whew:: Been sitting on this for 2 days now; thought I was gonna blow up or something. So, it’s official: I am on the Final Ballot for the Nebulas, for my short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” that ran in Clarkesworld last year. I am beyond excited about this. Y’know how they say “being nominated is an […]