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Have heard about two phenomenal reviews from major outlets in the last few days, which have constituted the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVAR. One of them I can’t tell you about until it’s official. The other, though, my agent sent to me tonight (yes, on a Saturday, day after Christmas, is she amazing or what?), from […]

WFC, Reviews

Next week, like several hundred other fantasy authors, agents, editors, and the like, I’ll be in San Jose at WFC. (That’s “World Fantasy Con,” not “World Fighting Championships.” Though it would be interesting to see a bunch of fantasy writers in a cage fighting match, wouldn’t it…? I got dibs on Ursula Le Guin, man.*) […]

Zombie Capitalists! And Book Recs.

Suddenly I want to write a short story about zombie Adam Smith… No! No shorts! Must stay on track with Book 3. At 45,000 words now — still behind schedule, but finally starting to see good strong bones in this thing. Anyway, as you can probably guess from the subject header, I did a movie […]

A bit of unvarnished enthusiasm.

Apologies, folks. I usually try to avoid profanity here, since all ages and social groups might be looking on, but for accuracy’s sake I want to give an actual quote of my reaction to the following information, when fellow AFer Raj forwarded it to me: HOLY SHIT I GOT IO9’ed!! Marvelous review here.

New Post at Magic District

…in which I get all warmfuzzy and contemplative in the wake of some very nice reader reviews. (Possibly more coming; I’ve heard people who’ve been reading the ARC making positive noises in brief comments, but not full-on reviews yet. Which is perfectly fine, ’cause, like, the book doesn’t come out for 6 more months, and […]

Compliments Graciously Welcomed and Accepted

Like many writers, I worry — constantly — about the quality of my work. I don’t go fishing for compliments, but it means a lot to me when people say nice things about stuff I’ve written. Reviews from professional-type review people are gratifying, even if they don’t always like my stories; I’m of the school […]

Go see “Sleep Dealer”!

Just saw this film and it was phenomenal. Go see it! (No nuanced critique, sorry; no coffee yet.)

Seething envy — uh, I mean, love and admiration!

Am currently reading Kate Griffin’s A Madness of Angels, start of a magnificent urban fantasy series that’s far more China Mieville than Jim Butcher. (No offense to Butcher, whose stuff I like too; just noting that he’s kind of more typical of the genre than CM.) The story follows an “urban sorcerer” named Matthew Swift […]

New review from The Fix!

The Fix reviewed “Red Riding-Hood’s Child”, and had good things to say: Retelling the tale of Red Riding-Hood as a direct parallel to traditional vampire stories makes “Red Riding-Hood’s Child” a rewarding listen. Though it contains explicit sexual references, these are skilfully handled to avoid jarring or crassness. In essence, this is a simple tale […]

Kay Kenyon: The Seeds of Time

I think I’m falling in love. Wow. I’ve been looking for A Braided World, which supposedly further-explores that interesting “dark matter plague” concept Kenyon covered in Maximum Ice, but my library doesn’t have it and I can’t find it in any local bookstores (it’s a bit old), so I’m going to have to try and […]