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The Million Writers Award

No, I’m not up for it. But a friend and colleague of mine is — Kris Dikeman, whose phenomenal story “Nine Sundays in a Row” got quite justifiably nominated. This contest is a “reader’s choice” award, so you can vote for the story you like best. You don’t have to vote for Kris, of course… […]

Go see “Sleep Dealer”!

Just saw this film and it was phenomenal. Go see it! (No nuanced critique, sorry; no coffee yet.)

Seething envy — uh, I mean, love and admiration!

Am currently reading Kate Griffin’s A Madness of Angels, start of a magnificent urban fantasy series that’s far more China Mieville than Jim Butcher. (No offense to Butcher, whose stuff I like too; just noting that he’s kind of more typical of the genre than CM.) The story follows an “urban sorcerer” named Matthew Swift […]

Facebook now!

So after discovering that Twitter would not eat me (and in fact, I rather like it), I decided to brave my second-greatest dread: Facebook. Which I am now on; look for Nora Jemisin. I’ll be posting updates re my writer life there as well as here in this blog, and will also be using it […]

Margaret Ronald’s SPIRAL HUNT

This? Go buy it. I know the author, yes, and she’s good. I’m not saying that because she’s my friend, but because she’s good. I remain jealous of her short story-writing ability. Her metaphors leave me breathless. I read this novel’s early draft back when I was in the BRAWLers writing group, and it kicked […]

Thoughts while watching the BSG premiere

Liveblogging! (Actually, just repeatedly editing this post and adding stuff as it hits me. But it’s kinda like liveblogging.) Whoops. Cutting for spoilers, for those who haven’t seen it —

Yielding to the inevitable

So now I have a Twitter account. Yee. Ha. Sorry to sound less than excited about it. I’m that most curious of creatures, a Luddite technophile. I love the web and all its varied gadgets, but I also like keeping my life simple. Having multiple accounts across multiple networking services is messy. It irks my […]


So much to see, so much to see. Like… –Paranormal Romance Week, via my agent Lucienne Diver’s blog, in which she has authors, agents, and sundry folk from that end of the fantasy field wax eloquent about… whatever they want. =) Some interesting articles there, so check it out! -No, I haven’t seen Twilight. I […]

New review from The Fix!

The Fix reviewed “Red Riding-Hood’s Child”, and had good things to say: Retelling the tale of Red Riding-Hood as a direct parallel to traditional vampire stories makes “Red Riding-Hood’s Child” a rewarding listen. Though it contains explicit sexual references, these are skilfully handled to avoid jarring or crassness. In essence, this is a simple tale […]

Well, whaddaya know. HM in Year’s Best!

24 hours after my lament that I hadn’t been doing so hot on the short story front yesterday, I got a heads-up from alankria about using the “Search Inside” feature on Amazon to see whether my name popped up in the forthcoming (tomorrow) The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008. Alankria’s did — congrats! And […]