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Have a going-away pressie

Yeah, it’s a little early, but I’ve got a million things to do in the next few days before I hit the sky for London, so here’s chapter 3 of The Broken Kingdoms. In which Oree figures out a little more of the mystery surrounding her strange houseguest, and readers of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms […]

Mass Market, here we come!

It’s official: the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is out now. Want to brave the madness of Sky and the fury of the gods for a mere $7.99? Now’s your chance!

Steam-Powered is GO!

And in short-story news, that mysterious lesbian steampunk anthology I mentioned awhile back? It’s almost here. Editor JoSelle Vanderhooft just announced the table of contents for Steam-Powered, a print anthology soon to be out from Torquere Press. The ToC includes my own story “The Effluent Engine”, which I released as a freebie earlier this year […]

Still life with cat and desk

A dreary Monday here in Noraland, but I’m hoping it will be productive. NukuNuku is determined to help out. So how’s Monday going for you?

Welcome to Brooklyn… DUCK!

Apropos of nothing, took this photo in Prospect Park yesterday, which was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. No ducks, alas — they were behind me, mobbing a family that foolishly thought they could get away with tossing out only half a loaf of bread. Was chatting with a friend the other […]

Baby I’m Back

::whew:: That was exciting. For those who wonder where the heck Epiphany went for the latter half of last week and the weekend — the webhost company that houses the site got hit with a server attack. They’ve fixed the problem, but as you might notice, they also restored all the sites from older backups, […]

TV Tropes!

The TV Tropes site is both magnificent entertainment and my nemesis. I love reading it, and can get lost in there for hours — usually when I’m supposed to be writing. In fact I had to put it into my “Writing Time” set of LeechBlocked links, because it tests my self-control too much otherwise. So […]


ICFA was lovely, as was the weather down in Orlando… ’til the day I needed to travel home. Also, since that day was the end of spring break for much of the country, the Orlando airport was a madhouse. I arrived early, hoping to fly standby and get home at a reasonable hour rather than […]

The Cascade Effect

Things haven’t really slowed down for me since Launch Week, which is a good thing, but the result of this has been that I’ve been a little slack on blogging. Sorry, folks! But here’s what’s going on this week, for example: The copyedit of book 2, The Broken Kingdoms, is due on Friday. But… …since […]

Several posts in need of a header

Am just getting back from the annual Altered Fluid writing retreat — it was awesome — but boy are my arms tired. And my brain, and my immune system, and so on. I need some recovery time, so in the meantime shall give you a bit of annotated linkspam. First and foremost, I want to […]