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Never Judge a Book By Its… Title.

A friend sent me this link to an article at the Awl in which four literary writers talk about their reactions to editorial title changes. An example, from author Suzanne Morrison re her book Yoga Bitch: A lot of writers think their editors are crazy when they try and change their titles, but I didn’t. […]


Using all caps because it’s FRANCE and holy crap FRANCE I’m in FRANCE how ’bout some FRANCE with those FRENCH fries? (Which for some reason here are called “amusing fries”. I fail to see the joke.) Anyway, am here for the Imaginales festival in a town called Epinal in eastern FRANCE. I’m posting photos and […]

No Nebula this year

I didn’t win, alas. That said, if I gotta lose, losing to Connie Willis is the way to go, lemme tell you. And I had a great time at Nebula Weekend, though I was only there for Saturday and Sunday (it started Thursday). I have pictures, but they came out very dark for some reason, […]

Little busy for awhile…

Those of you who’ve friended me on Facebook have already seen this, but for everyone — yesterday the copyedit of The Kingdom of Gods arrived on my literal doorstep. In my building, UPS will sometimes take a chance and just drop the thing in front of a person’s door, in hopes that it won’t disappear. […]

Sale to Turkey

Whoa. I was sure I’d posted about this already, but glanced at the blog and noticed it wasn’t up. Gremlins. (In my mind!) Anyway, 100K takes another step closer to WORLD DOMINATION — Turkish publisher Dogan Egmont has bought both The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms for translation and publication there. Yay! Not […]

An Informal Comment Policy

As of 2012 or so, I’ve put Epiphany 2.0 on a permanent moderation-first policy. First time commenters’ stuff will go into the mod queue; I’ll try to clear it as quickly as possible. Followup commenters who’ve been approved before can comment automatically, tho’. Unfortunately I’ve had a few too many rounds of racist and sexist […]

So What’s Next?

This weekend I finished the Dreamblood books. Yes, both of them at once. Yes, it was hard as all get out and this is why I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months. It’s been worse for my friends and family, if you’re wondering — I’ve been shutting off my phone on the weekends, […]

Shiny! Well, Shiny’s kid. ART STYLIN’

I think I have a seekrit authar fetish — I love love LOVE seeing readers create art derived from my work. Now, obligatory armchair legalese here — “derived from” by the terms of fair use and substantial alteration of the original work, etc., etc., and if I felt I needed a fanworks policy it would […]

Whose Wonderland? Which wonderful?

Saw this done by a friend on LJ, and thought it might make a good memelike thing*: if you could live in a fantasy setting of your choosing, which one — based on fantasy novels you’ve read — would it be? Because not just anybody’s wonderland would be wonderful for me, after all. I’m going […]

Anime recs please?

I’m tired of talking about writing, race, gender, politics, and all that other heavy crap. Let’s talk cartoons! It’s no secret that I’m an anime/manga fan, especially since I mentioned in the afterward to The Broken Kingdoms that the World Tree was at least partly inspired by the giant sakura in the shoujo series Mahou […]