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Stuff happening in places with people doing things!

Busy week coming up, boys and girls, as part of the run-up to The Broken Kingdoms’ launch. A list: Sunday, Oct 24: I’ll be reading from my short story “The Effluent Engine” at Steampunk Day at the Dumbo Lofts, here in NYC. Then I’m leaving on a jet plane, and… Wednesday, October 27: I’ll be […]

Altered Fluid Interview at Clarkesworld

This got posted last week, but I was busy moving and only had time to Tweet it. People often ask published authors how they got to where they are. The route is different for every author — but for me, it’s included a number of good writing groups. My current group is Altered Fluid, a […]

Last Minute Promo is Last Minute

Gah! Been so obsessed with book 3 that I’ve missed a few things. Quick update: First, I’m going to be phone interviewed tonight, at the blog Other Worlds of Romance. You can tune in on BlogTalk Radio (see the widget on her site). Next! I’ll be at Wiscon starting on Thursday. I did mention that, […]

Three cool things about nebulas.

1) Although my short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” has been nominated for a Nebula (and a Hugo!) this year, I will not be attending the Nebula Weekend in Florida this year. Just got too much on my plate already. But there will be a New York-area Nebula simulcast sponsored by SFWA, which is open to the […]

Blog Tour: FantasyBookCritic

Another interview! This one with Mihir Wanchoo of FantasyBookCritic. FBC’s Robert and Liviu gave me some of my first five-star reviews when 100K came out (you can see them both at Goodreads), so I’m especially happy to do an interview for this site. A sample: What level of technology is the overall world of the […]

Not an April Fool’s Joke

I started to make a joke about scrapping book 3 in its current form and writing it over from the perspective of Zombie Scimina, who’s been cursed by Nahadoth to walk the earth like Caine looking for braaaains, which would allow me to take advantage of the new popularity of zombie fiction and improbable mashups… […]

Interview at Sci-Fi Fan Letter

Still on retreat, and making good progress — wrote 2000 words yesterday and did 2 chapters of copyedit. Also, having fun. But in the meantime, the promotion machine churns on; I did this interview with Sci-Fi Fan Letter awhile back, and they’ve posted it today. Check it out! An excerpt: When and where do you […]

Two, two, two interviews in one (post)

The blog tour goes to two places today, folks — first down to Nashville, where I’m in the author spotlight with the Nashville Examiner, where I got a little philosophical during the interview: So does Jemisin hope that her novel offers a specific message to the reader? “No. Honestly, I think that artists have a […]

Blog Tour: Dribbledom?

A loooooong interview with me (it took 4 days!) over at A Dribble of Ink. Lots and lots of stuff in that one, like why I use initials and why I hated unicorns as a little girl. Also links to a review of 100K; check it out! ETA: Almost forgot — there are bigass spoilers […]

Romantic Times Interview

This actually came out earlier this month, but I wanted to get permission from the folks at Romantic Times before I posted it, which I have now done. In the March 2010 issue, there’s a fantastic interview with me and another author, Lauren Oliver, about how living in Brooklyn is Teh Kewl. (Romantic Times itself […]