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Shirley Jackson Awards Lottery

Get it? A lottery. See, there’s this story… uh. Yeah. Anyway, the Shirley Jackson Awards fundraiser will be getting started on February 9th, and there’s some truly stunning prizes up for grabs. Lottery tickets are only $1, and best of all!! by going to the lottery details page, you might get to see one of […]

Transcriptase is GO!

Hi, folks. Apologies for being all hush-hush about this in the past few weeks, but we wanted to keep things on the downlow until we were ready for launch. That time has come. For those who are aware of the great Helix meltdown of lo some two weeks ago — and those who aren’t aware […]

Octavia Butler’s birthday is today (June 22)

And in honor of her memory, I and other members of the Carl Brandon Society are posting about her. That link, BTW, will take you to the Carl Brandon Society’s scholarship page, which helps pay for one writer of color to attend a Clarion workshop. Clarion, as you know Bob, is the premier writers’ workshop […]