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Yonkers News

(Somehow that doesn’t sound quite as exotic as “German News” from my last post. Oh, well.) Folks in the New York area: I’ll be appearing at a fundraising event at the Yonkers Public Library on Sunday! (Download the ad poster here.) Basically, the YPL brings in a slew of authors each year for its Book […]

Don’t Put My Book in the African American Section.

Very few things could lure me out of the fugue-state of finishing a novel, but a note that I received yesterday from a reader sent me into full-on rant mode: I just finished reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was confused, though, to see that my library had chosen […]

Godhood for sale (for a good cause)

A friend involved with the Virginia Avenue Project let me know about an auction that they’re doing to try and raise $15,000 before mid-March. The VAP is an afterschool arts program of the sort that all kids should have, but which these days is usually offered only to kids in school districts that can afford […]

A Story for Haiti: “The Effluent Engine”

A day late in posting this; I only heard about it in the wee hours of Monday morning, and wanted to put up the MLK post first. And ordinarily I would prefer to let that post stay topmost for a few days, but time is critical here. So… I heard through Cheryl Morgan’s blog about […]

So much to say

…about Book 3 and the writing process and so on, but that’ll have to wait because I’m writing like a madwoman right now. But resting my carpal tunnels by reading other people’s blogs, so saw this incident mentioned in several places, and all over every mailing list I’m on. Basically, SF author Peter Watts got […]

Another $%^ing one, what are they, breeding?

I posted last week in solidarity with the Outer Alliance, a spanking-new group of GLBTQI writers and straight/cisgendered allies. Lo and behold, within a week of its formation the OA has encountered its first incidence of homophobic discrimination. More on this there. It’s hard, sometimes, being a writer with a conscience. I mean, how much […]

Supporting the Outer Alliance; Pride Day 9/1/09

The Outer Alliance is a new org started (I think) by author Hal Duncan, in partial response to author John C. Wright’s inane and bigoted diatribe against “homosex”, and partly just because it’s necessary. They’ve asked that, as of September 1, people show their support by posting their mission statement and logo, and then linking […]

Strange Horizons Saved Me a Bunch of Money on Car Insurance and Cured My Astigmatism!

Okay, no, it didn’t. I don’t even have a car. I just wanted to get your attention. It might seem odd that in the wake of the Clarkesworld sale, I’m talking about Strange Horizons. Both magazines need donations, actually. But SH is nearer and dearer to my heart in many ways, because a) my first […]

Maps, Comedy, and Politics

Or, why I should update my blog more often. (Sorry!) Maps: I’ve got a new post over at the Magic District, talking about the map thing in epic fantasy. Triggered by something dumb on Fox News (is there ever anything else?), and an odd interaction I had at Worldcon last weekend, wherein I handed a […]

Good reads of many kinds

Over on LJ, author Cat Valente is going through some hard times, and is offering a novel literary experiment to make ends meet. Basically, she’ll post her latest chapters of her latest work for people to read and pay for as she goes along. I can’t donate at the moment because I’m kind of struggling […]