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Mind Meld, Flights of Fantasy

A bit tired today; drove up to Albany yesterday to do a reading at the Flights of Fantasy bookstore. It went well, though there were several amusing moments — my cellphone going off in the middle of the reading was not one of them — like one of the store cats deciding to leap onto […]

Pings and plugs

I’m going on a writers’ retreat later this week — the same annual retreat my writers’ group always goes on around this time of year. I really need it, too; between the stresses and labors of launch parties and self-promotion, I haven’t been able to write in over a week. (Feeling kind of spiritually bloated, […]

Recovery Mode

Last night I had my launch party — don’t get upset if you didn’t get an invite; I restricted the notices to people who lived in NYC, in part because the venue was a bit small. (Also, this has been a hectic time and I get frazzled easily when I’m stressed, so I’m almost certain […]

Appearances, next few months

Since folks have asked, just wanted to share some of the stuff I’ll be up to in the next few months. I didn’t want to add an “Appearances” tab to the blog because I’m still a baby author, making baby-author steps and with a baby-author budget, so I’m concentrating events around the book’s launch and […]

Blog Tour: New Jersey! And pre-release housekeeping.

Newsflash! Although the official publication date of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is February 25, I found out yesterday that the release date is actually February 3rd. What this means, I think — remember, this stuff is new to me, too — is that the book will actually be available in many stores in ::ulp:: about […]

Altered Fluid on Hour of the Wolf

Once again, the Altered Fluid writing group will be on WBAI’s radio program Hour of the Wolf tomorrow morning, bright and early at 5 a.m. If you happen to be awake then, and thinking, “Gosh, I wonder how a good writing group works,” then tune in to hear Paul Berger read from his just-now-draft version […]

Gobbling and gabbling

Am in the midst of making rosemary-garlic paste for a decidedly nontraditional Thanksgiving meal: me and friends who are pulling a Palin and “going rogue” from our families for the day. Potluck, but since I’m the host I’m handling the biggies: turkey and a standing rib roast, dressing, and have bought a red velvet cake […]

Off to WFC

…in San Jose tomorrow, though I’ve learned that thanks to flight changes it’ll be a 9 hour trip instead of 6 hours. Looking forward to that about as much as a root canal. But I will survive. As a reminder to any who will be there and want to say hello, offer gifts, punch me […]

WFC, Reviews

Next week, like several hundred other fantasy authors, agents, editors, and the like, I’ll be in San Jose at WFC. (That’s “World Fantasy Con,” not “World Fighting Championships.” Though it would be interesting to see a bunch of fantasy writers in a cage fighting match, wouldn’t it…? I got dibs on Ursula Le Guin, man.*) […]


OK, so here’s the thing: I’ve got a reading (11:00 a.m.) and a signing (5:00 p.m.) on Saturday at Anticipation. I’m sharing the reading with 2 other writers who are better-known than me, and the signing is fairly pointless since I have, y’know, no book out yet. So I was feeling fairly mopey about both […]