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What Fantasy Writers Do On Vacation

Apologies for not yet getting my London pics online; between Launch Week and life stuff I haven’t had time to edit and optimize. I’m not much of a picture taker, to be honest, and I tend to not do much with photos when I do take them. The visual fascinates me far less than the […]

A Raffle, A Reading, and a Rant

Been a busy few days, as you might imagine, between recovering from jetlag and Launch Week. But three things make a post, so going to pile them all in together here for expediency’s sake. The raffle: The Carl Brandon Society is doing a fundraising raffle for an ebook reader. But wait! This isn’t just any […]

Stuff happening in places with people doing things!

Busy week coming up, boys and girls, as part of the run-up to The Broken Kingdoms’ launch. A list: Sunday, Oct 24: I’ll be reading from my short story “The Effluent Engine” at Steampunk Day at the Dumbo Lofts, here in NYC. Then I’m leaving on a jet plane, and… Wednesday, October 27: I’ll be […]

Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday!

FYI to all NYC-area peeps: I will be appearing as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival this weekend! I’m super-excited about this, as I’ve been attending the BKBF as a book lover for the last few years. Haven’t been? You should come! The BKBF is a day-long carnival of speakers, booths, entertainment events, and fun […]

Wibble Weekend

As most of you have guessed, I am not in Australia this weekend, at Worldcon. I’d like to be, but alas — couldn’t swing it this year. This is despite the fact that one of my short stories, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, is up for a Hugo. I’m kind of on tenterhooks, waiting to see whether I […]

100K in the io9 Book Club!

If you missed my Tweet about it a few weeks back, here’s the update from the folks at io9 itself — they’re going to be focusing on The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for their August book club. Details of how to participate are over there, but basically — read the book if you haven’t read it, […]

Altered Fluid Interview at Clarkesworld

This got posted last week, but I was busy moving and only had time to Tweet it. People often ask published authors how they got to where they are. The route is different for every author — but for me, it’s included a number of good writing groups. My current group is Altered Fluid, a […]

My name in lights

…well, not quite, but on the cover of Locus‘ August 2010 issue, at least: There’s a nifty interview with me in the back of the issue, too! For those of you who don’t know, Locus is the industry news magazine for the science fiction/fantasy field — think of it as the Forbes of the geek […]

Gone Fishin’

…well, not really. Actually, I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment this week, so I’m pretty busy. But in addition to that, I’m going to be guest-blogging for the next few weeks over at SF writer John Scalzi’s Whatever. I’m not very good at blog multitasking — as those of you who […]

Yonkers News

(Somehow that doesn’t sound quite as exotic as “German News” from my last post. Oh, well.) Folks in the New York area: I’ll be appearing at a fundraising event at the Yonkers Public Library on Sunday! (Download the ad poster here.) Basically, the YPL brings in a slew of authors each year for its Book […]