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Blog Tour: New Jersey! And pre-release housekeeping.

Newsflash! Although the official publication date of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is February 25, I found out yesterday that the release date is actually February 3rd. What this means, I think — remember, this stuff is new to me, too — is that the book will actually be available in many stores in ::ulp:: about […]

Why I Think RaceFail Was The Bestest Thing Evar for SFF

This post is for MLK Day. It’s also prompted by the coincidental approximate anniversary of RaceFail, which began in January of last year. (Missed the fun? Google is your friend. But here is a good place to start.) For those who want the Twitter version, RaceFail was a several-months-long conversation about race in the context […]

Sample Chapter 2 is up

Still waffling on whether to pre-order The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms? Well, maybe reading chapter 2 will help you decide. Remember, chapter 3 goes up at the beginning of February!

Don’t Say I Never Gave Ya’ll Nothin’

To ring in the holiday season with something a little less painful than shopping insanity and family drama, sample chapter 1 of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is now live for your viewing pleasure. Chapter 2 will be released in January, and chapter 3 at the beginning of February, all as part of the countdown to […]

Gobbling and gabbling

Am in the midst of making rosemary-garlic paste for a decidedly nontraditional Thanksgiving meal: me and friends who are pulling a Palin and “going rogue” from our families for the day. Potluck, but since I’m the host I’m handling the biggies: turkey and a standing rib roast, dressing, and have bought a red velvet cake […]

WFC, Reviews

Next week, like several hundred other fantasy authors, agents, editors, and the like, I’ll be in San Jose at WFC. (That’s “World Fantasy Con,” not “World Fighting Championships.” Though it would be interesting to see a bunch of fantasy writers in a cage fighting match, wouldn’t it…? I got dibs on Ursula Le Guin, man.*) […]


OK, so here’s the thing: I’ve got a reading (11:00 a.m.) and a signing (5:00 p.m.) on Saturday at Anticipation. I’m sharing the reading with 2 other writers who are better-known than me, and the signing is fairly pointless since I have, y’know, no book out yet. So I was feeling fairly mopey about both […]

On Book Covers and Race

I’ve been following and participating in the “Ain’t That A Shame” post over at Justine Larbalestier’s blog, in which she takes the risky (for an author) step of calling her publisher on its decision to post a white face on the cover of her forthcoming novel Liar. Whitewashing — the fannish term for when fictional […]

Random thought.

In The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, human beings exploit their gods as literal slaves, using their magical abilities as weapons. In Book 2 (name undecided), human beings exploit their gods’ very flesh and blood in various ways. For example, a drug called “godsblood” has become popular in the mortal world, and it’s exactly what it sounds […]

Spock and Biraciality

Went to see Star Trek last week. Quite liked it, despite problems like the women of the series still getting short shrift in the agency department, and much of the frenetic action having no real purpose. (Why did Young Kirk trash that beautiful car? I cannot condone random destruction of works of art, not even […]