…Sorry. Random fangirl-mode attack, couldn’t help myself. Because today I got my contributor copies of Riffing on Strings, the anthology of fiction, poetry, and essays inspired by string theory, from Scriblerus Press. It’s a beautiful trade-paperback volume, packed and hefty at 250+ pages, nicely typeset, with lovely illustrations. My story “Too Many Yesterdays, Not Enough Tomorrows” is reprinted therein, along with a number of other great pieces, including an essay by MICHIO KAKU OMG OMG O–

::whacks self, sighs:: Sorry. There’s other good stuff in the volume — my favorite is a psychedelic Greek-mythology-based short story called “Arachne”, by Elissa Malcohn, first printed in Aboriginal Science Fiction way back in 1988 — but you can see what has me all squeally.

Go buy eeeet. Free sample to read there, along with a full list of contributors. And if you like it, do us a favor and either a) write an Amazon review, b) pass along the plug, or c) both of the above.

Top 10 Obscure-but-superb DIVERSE SF/F Novels

Read the explanation here on the Feminist SF blog, then go add your own! Some good choices already listed in the comments; now I know what I’ll be reading at the beach this summer.

So, here we go…

Welcome, welcome. This is the blog of author N. K. Jemisin. You can call me Nora. I’m not new to blogging, but I am new to the whole soon-to-be-published author thing, so bear with me as I learn to play with the big kids. =)

My published short stories are available in the left-hand column, if you’d like a sample taste of my stuff. As for the rest, well, that’s coming:

Orbit is excited to announce the acquisition of a debut fantasy trilogy that combines the politics of George R. R. Martin with the magic of Neil Gaiman. The trilogy will open with THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS in Fall 2009.

Got this today. Do big kids squee? ‘Cos I think a squee is appropriate right about now. I can’t see how a little squee would hurt. Are we all agreed? ‘Kay? Then here goes.