Sample Chapter 3 of KoG

Posted a little early, because I’m going to be busy tomorrow and won’t have time to update. In which chapter 2’s cliffhanger is resolved… sort of…

Oh, and note the change to the website’s main page header! Preorder pages have been confirmed at all the usual retail suspects (except Borders, unsurprisingly). So preorder at will, preorder at will, preorder at will.

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  1. BRILLIANT! Thanks for the fix, it’ll keep me occupied till Oct 6 :D


    so good! Gah, how can I wait so long for the book to come out?!

  3. Oh the torture.. It’s right there..

    Patience is not one of my virtues; reading this now will only cause frustration when I’m done and find I have to wait for the rest.

    And yet.. self-restraint is also not one of my virtues..

    I guess I will have to resort to the only logical way out of this dilemma: Short term artificial hibernation!

    Yes, I will beat the system, and then the package will arrive!

  4. My, but this is a deep rabbit hole….

  5. By the way, this is in commemoration of the release for The Kingdom of Gods:

  6. Why does the chapter have to end?