…and then it hits me.

I’ve been nominated or shortlisted for (or won) nine major awards. Nine. Awards. Nine.

  1. The Hugo (Nominee)
  2. The Tiptree (Shortlist)
  3. The Prix Imaginales (Nominee)
  4. Gemmell Morningstar Award (Finalist)
  5. Locus Awards (Finalist)
  6. Nebula Award (Nominee)
  7. Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards (Nominee)
  8. Romantic Times Book Reviews Award, Fantasy (Winner!)
  9. Crawford Award (Shortlist)

::bogglety:: I kinda don’t know what to think about this. I’m astounded. Awed. Humbled. A little scared. A lot giddy. (And the Virgo in me keeps wanting it to be ten, just to make it a nice round number.) It’s an honor to be nominated for even one of these things, but all of them? Holy guacamole.

I’m leaving tomorrow for the Nebula Awards weekend down in DC, which is already in full progress — but since I’m off to Imaginales after that, I’ve got to husband my vacation days carefully, so only doing an overnighter. The ceremony is tomorrow evening, and I don’t think they’re doing an online simulcast this year (which they did in NYC last year, and which I attended), so I’d recommend watching Twitter for a play-by-play on who’s winning what.

But looking at the list above, I think I’ll have a hard time being disappointed if I lose tomorrow. I mean, ’cause… wow. (Also ’cause the other nominees are kickass folks, and I love many of their works and voted for them myself.) So anyway, wish us all luck!

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  1. Luck!

    The good kind, I mean.

  2. Good luck! I really hope this works out well for you. :-D

  3. All much deserved. Good luck in DC.

  4. I’ve been nominated or shortlisted for (or won) nine major awards. Nine. Awards. Nine.

    This is because you are heckuva grand writer and someone who’s making the world sit up and take notice. Good luck in DC…

  5. Good luck.

    Hope to see you in Seattle for the Locus awards…


  6. Hee!!

    I think this is fabulous. Ten would be a great number. I’m just saying.

    Have a great time at the Nebs!

  7. Congratulations. It’s not like we didn’t know that you’re a talented writer.

    If you run into Bill Gibson, try talking to him about it. He’s had that experience.

  8. You Virgo, you! (-: Congratulations on all the nominations–you deserve them!!! Best of luck!!

  9. This is so awesome!! Best of luck!

  10. You deserve every award! You are truly talented. Best of luck!

  11. btw, I didn’t realize you’re a Virgo. So’s my daughter.

  12. Congrats on this awesomeness, and good luck. Truly hope you win, I just finished reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and just could not stop reading it. You have a compelling voice, and deserve this.

  13. To repeat — you totally deserve this, and best of luck!