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Dear Hollywood: How’s That Bigotry Working Out for You?

Dear Hollywood: I get it. Those of you who control the purse-strings: You say you’re only interested in the color green, but your behavior doesn’t bear that out. I know you’re really only interested in stories of straight white men doing straight white mannish things, whatever those might be. I get that the voices of […]

So What’s Next?

This weekend I finished the Dreamblood books. Yes, both of them at once. Yes, it was hard as all get out and this is why I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months. It’s been worse for my friends and family, if you’re wondering — I’ve been shutting off my phone on the weekends, […]

Shiny! Well, Shiny’s kid. ART STYLIN’

I think I have a seekrit authar fetish — I love love LOVE seeing readers create art derived from my work. Now, obligatory armchair legalese here — “derived from” by the terms of fair use and substantial alteration of the original work, etc., etc., and if I felt I needed a fanworks policy it would […]