Didn’t win. (The NYC Simulcast was fun, though.) But I’m honestly not put out about that, because — as I’d been telling people for the past few days — I know and like something like 5 of the 7 nominees in the short story category personally, and I thought most of the stories up for award were phenomenal (haven’t read two of them yet, though), so I don’t mind losing in this situation. Some great writers did win, like Kij Johnson (my category) and Paolo Bacigalupi and Eugie Foster, and I just can’t feel bad about that.

Besides… next year, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will be eligible for the novel category. Hmmmmm?

Congrats to all the winners!

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  1. Well, sorry to hear you didn’t win. But it seems as a great feat to be nominated. So congrats on being nominated and being there. The book is well deserving of the award. Best of luck next year though.