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Pause for triangulation

Been working hard on Book 3 of “The Inheritance Trilogy” for the past 7 weeks now, ever since I restarted it with a new PoV character. It’s really flowing — I just hit 75,000 words — which tells me that I’ve found the right voice for it at last. But because a) my outline for […]

Shameless self-promotion, times three

Hey, SFWA members! You, yes, you, have in your hands a unique opportunity! See, I have a short story, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, that’s doing pretty well in the Nebula preliminary-ballot voting. At this point there’s a very strong chance that my story will get onto the final ballot(!!). Now, I won’t lie; I’ve been entertaining fantasies […]

Sexing Up Gods

So, got another review over the weekend, this one from friend and fellow author Gord Sellar. Gord is an English professor, so as you might imagine his review was very thorough and deconstructiony and contained many 12-cent words, which I kinda loved. He warns of spoilers at the outset, and he’s not kidding, so be […]

Sample Chapter 3 posted!

A bit early, because I realized just recently that the release date for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is actually February 3rd. What that means is that even though it’s not officially out until its pub date of February 25th, many retailers will actually start to shelve it anytime between those two dates. So posting chapter […]

Now it can be howled…

Been holding off on mentioning this because I wasn’t sure how “official” it was, but we’re talking business stuff now so I guess it’s a done deal. My fantasy/erotica/fairy tale deconstructionist short story “Red Riding-Hood’s Child” is going to appear as a reprint in Running With the Pack, a forthcoming anthology of werewolf fiction due […]

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

Title quote from the first Matrix film; Morpheus. So, noticed that the German version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is now available, when it showed up on Goodreads under “other editions” recently. That was my first time seeing it. For those of you who aren’t Goodreads members (why aren’t you?), here’s what it looks like: […]

Audio Trailer!

I was feeling kind of ambivalent about getting a video book trailer, as I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve seen a very few book trailers that had a positive impact on my interest in/remembrance of the book being advertised, and I’ve seen a whole lot of book trailers that just fell flat. (Or worse, made me […]

Boycott? No, thanks.

And here I thought I was done with controversies for the week. For those who haven’t heard, there’s been a big to-do in the past few days over another instance of cover art whitewashing re a YA novel called Magic Under Glass by debut author Jaclyn Dolamore. Like the last instance, it turned into a […]

Warriors who don’t make war

OK. Calm now. Going to be slightly more coherent than in my last post. The reviews of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms have thus far been mostly positive, which is phenomenal. (See last post for my typical reaction.) But I’m kind of glad for the occasional notes of critique that have cropped up amid all the […]

io9!!! io9!!! io9!!!

Submitted without comment beyond HOLY FUCKING SHIT: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, out Feb. 25, is an impressive debut, which revitalizes the trope of empires whose rulers have gods at their fingertips. It feels suitably big, and yet incredibly intimate as well. And we can’t wait to read the other two volumes of the Inheritance Trilogy.